Friday, March 20, 2015

"February" - Working on RAD Responses

     RAD Responses is the acronym we use 3-5 in our building for complete, short-constructed responses. The R represents 'restate,' the A represents 'answer,' and the D represents 'details.' We use this in every subject area for every question they need to answer. We are also using this work for our SLO and team goal too.
     When working with something everyday, you begin to become challenged on how to elevate your students work and get it to where it needs to be. Through a lot of brainstorming and discovering different tools, our team has come up with a way to track their work/growth and make sure we can compare our students work teacher by teacher. This has been invaluable in many ways. Not only are we able to help elevate each other's work and instruction, but we are able to find common problems and work together to solve them.
     One tool that has become very useful to us is Google Forms. We are able to have all of our students submit answers on a common form and then use the 'response' page to track their answers and compare them class by class. This has allowed us to not only grade them right on the response page, but we can then align our grading practices by seeing how each of us is grading a response. We can also use the response spreadsheet to keep track of data/scores as they progress throughout the year. Transparency is awesome on a team because we can all benefit from seeing each others work and each others student work.
     We have also given the students scaffolds to help with this work. As mentioned in a previous post, this is a scaffold necessary group! Having a clear 'layout' of what  the expectations are and how to achieve the end goal has been invaluable to them. It also helps submitting work electronically because we can look at responses whole group on the document camera and comment on them accordingly.
     Technology has really enhanced out ability to work on this skill and I am very grateful that new pathways keep opening.

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