Thursday, August 7, 2014

Holy Co-Leadership Batman!

I hardly slept last night knowing today was coming. For some reason teaching your peers is way more daunting than teaching your students. I still feel so unskilled and know how much I still have to and want to learn, that I didn’t trust Dana completely when she came to Erin and I with this task.

Once we began, I realized that while still nervous, this group would get me through it. I always forget how amazing it is to be in a room surrounded by other life-long learners. I love watching their excitement when they see a new tool, their panic (that I had and STILL have all the time) when they fall behind or miss a step, and their genuine enthusiasm despite giving up two final days of their summer vacation. I remembered how awesome I feel knowing that I will learn just as much from them as we go through this new cohort together. I am also reminded what an incredible district we work in because everyone is excited to learn how to be more effective teachers for our students.

Today I loved getting to meet even more people and getting to reconnect with some old friends. Thank you to everyone for getting me through my Blogger presentation and being so receptive - you all are the best! I’m the Little Engine That Could, “I think I can, I think I can.”