Thursday, August 7, 2014

Holy Co-Leadership Batman!

I hardly slept last night knowing today was coming. For some reason teaching your peers is way more daunting than teaching your students. I still feel so unskilled and know how much I still have to and want to learn, that I didn’t trust Dana completely when she came to Erin and I with this task.

Once we began, I realized that while still nervous, this group would get me through it. I always forget how amazing it is to be in a room surrounded by other life-long learners. I love watching their excitement when they see a new tool, their panic (that I had and STILL have all the time) when they fall behind or miss a step, and their genuine enthusiasm despite giving up two final days of their summer vacation. I remembered how awesome I feel knowing that I will learn just as much from them as we go through this new cohort together. I am also reminded what an incredible district we work in because everyone is excited to learn how to be more effective teachers for our students.

Today I loved getting to meet even more people and getting to reconnect with some old friends. Thank you to everyone for getting me through my Blogger presentation and being so receptive - you all are the best! I’m the Little Engine That Could, “I think I can, I think I can.”


  1. ***knock, knock, knock, Penny!***
    I heard you don't watch Big Bang Theory, but I had to!
    I read your post and I know exactly how you feel. I also truly dislike sharing or presenting in front of peers, but let me tell you that you have done a great job!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your ice breakers and would love to see where you found them and steal anything else you might have. I love building a community before I start teaching, and these ice breakers will truly help with that mission.
    You are a good presenter. You are direct, to the point, enthusiastic, and patient - which is so important whenever you are trying to teach technology to others.
    Thank you for investing your time in this project and for helping us out with his workshop. I am appreciative of other teachers like you, willing to give up time to teach us and help us grow.

    1. Brittmarie,

      I love that I am just seeing this post now (as opposed to a month ago when you posted it haha. I needed this positive boost this morning and you are exactly what the doctor ordered! I am so happy to share where I go the ice breakers, I can do that tomorrow at our meeting. Thank you for being such a positive force in our group, thank you for sharing your time and energy with me, and thanks for giving me another great person to reach out to in our district. You too are pretty amazing, your obvious passion and excitement for what you do is contagious!

      See you tomorrow,