Monday, November 4, 2013

October Success (a a little late) - Research Tool/Quotes on Google Docs

      I love learning new things with Google Docs. At our Inspired Writing half day meeting we were introduced to searching for quotes in the Research tool. I had an immediate application for this in my classroom. We were reading the incredible book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. One of the characters in the story is a teacher named Mr. Browne. He had a precept every month that he shared with his students. They had to write a paragraph explaining what the precept meant to them and how it connected to their lives. I start everyday in my classroom with a “Thought of the Day” (much like a precept). We use these quotes to start our day on a positive note and get our wheels turning. Using this idea, I asked the students to come up with a precept that was meaningful to them and their individual lives. Using the Research tool they searched for a quote they wanted to use. I then had them write an explanation of what the quote meant to them and why it was important in their life, much like Auggie (our main character) had to do for Mr. Browne. They typed these responses in their Blogging Doc and then posted it onto our classroom blog. When finished they had to respond to other people’s blog posts as well. I was very impressed by what they came up with and how they really did pick quotes that meant something to them. It was a great way to write about what we are reading using helpful technology to support.


  1. Hi Penny,
    Just looked at your blog. Your students were very reflective... really choosing a quote that had personal meaning. Great way to share writing work. It is clear that you have built a positive culture in your classroom by the comments students are giving to each other on the blog.

  2. Thanks Dana, I am really proud of how much they are improving with their comments!